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Vyshyvanka embroidered blouse March11


Inspired by an incessant wanderlust and an appreciation of the traditional clothing designs discovered while globetrotting, MARCH11 is a designer collection of embroidered blouses and dresses for women.

New York based brand MARCH11 embraces the spirit of travel and is influenced by travel experiences, discoveries and memories. From breathtaking sceneries in Mykonos to the stunning white-sand beaches in Maldives to the amazing sunsets in Florida, all these places and adventures hold a special place in our hearts and add colors and form the lively patterns of our designs. Traditional clothing designs equally fascinate the brand, as they richly define the past and present of a place and its culture as one. MARCH11 adds a new page to the history of these different ancient and symbolic national traditions and brings a contemporary fashion statement to the world. 

MARCH11 works with different types of designs, embroidery patterns and color combinations to show that traditional clothing design like the Vyshyvanka is a uniquely versatile new classic that stands the test of time through quality and wearability. Some garments take over 3,000 meters of embroidery threads to make and days to complete.